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What Drives MMO Players?

MMO gamers have to contend with a lot of things but ever wonder what gets on people’s nerves the most? The below infographic was made from a limited poll of anonymous players who mainly spend their time playing free mmorpg games via gaming portals. Not the greatest infographic and the data used was based on

2012 Video Gamers Guide

Video gaming increases in popularity each year as our children become more obese and less interested in the real world. The bad news is this year (2012) is going to make it even harder to leave the couch for video gamers as scores of new and cool games hit the shelves of the next 12

Gaming in the U.K

The United Kingdom population is 60 million and of those 60 million 33 million consider themselves gamers. This infographic provides statistical information for gamers in the U.K and how much money the gamers are spending on games. Link

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Someone in the Nintendo marketing department has been busy using all the art assets from Nintendo’s media library! Click the below image to take a look at a whole bunch of Kid Icarus: Uprising’s weapons and read about what they can do for Pit in his battle against the Forces Of Bad Stuff. Link

Video Games Industry Statistics

This Infographic provides information about video game use. It provides information for the average age of a gamer, parents that play video games and parents attitudes towards gaming. It also shows how many hours gamers play and how this is financially beneficial to the industry. Link

Zynga mobile

Popular social games maker Zynga is well known for connecting millions of players across iOS devices like iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. From zoos and forests to word games and poker tables, Zynga Mobile has 16 million social games on the iOS platform and enables millions of people to play wherever they are and whenever

Greenhill zone size

Two images showing the sizes of the Greenhill Zone wall game and the Sonic graphic. The Greenhill Zone game will be low enough for a 6-12 year old can easily reach the top and bottom of the game. Link

Video Game Sales on eBay

Gaming has come a long way over the past three decades. Finding facts and numbers about vintage and rare games always brings back memories of the days of owning your first gaming system. eBay has been a resource in finding and selling video games for years. The data found in this graphic was gathered to