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Formation of a Complex Crater

Complex craters have interior terraces and flat floors surrounding central peaks. In large craters the excavation cavity is enlarged by inward slumping of the crater walls. This produces terraces on the interior walls. The energy of impact is so great that a certain fraction of the impacted material is melted to produce impact melt. This

Poverty in New York City

If New York City’s poor formed their own city, they would become the 7th largest city in the United States. This chart features the 10 largest. Link

The Growth of Asian American and Pacific I…

Asian American and Pacific Islander communities will more than double their demographic numbers in the next 40 years by an increase of 150 percent, according to Census estimates. In the last 10 years these communities have jump-started this growth by soaring 43.3 percent—more than any other racial group. Consequently, growth in the Asian American and

Mining Conservation Land

A visualisation of well-known landmarks in New Zealand, compared to the amount of conservation land the government proposed to mine. Link