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Where are Canadians Moving?.

Nearly 2.8 million Canadians live in other countries, making Canada one of the likeliest wealthy immigrant-receiving nations to see its own citizens move abroad. Link

Pirates in Space-Time

Where is it a golden age for the nautical bandit? Where have times been “better.” These snapshots show piracy hotspots geographically and in time by comparing regional trends of interesting places. Data comes from the US NGA and is visualized in Visual Fusion. Link

Aftermath of earthquakes in Japan

One of the worst earthquakes occured off Japan’s Miyagi Prefecture, 373 km north-east of Tokyo. The earthquake and a series of after-shocks and tsunamis have destroyed 63,200 buildings (according to the country’s fire services). Link

Disaster in Northeast Japan

A new fire broke out in the No. 4 reactor at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, but the cause was not immediately known. Earlier in the day Tuesday another fire broke out in the same reactor’s nuclear storage pond, causing radiation to be released into the air. All but about critical 70 workers were evacuated

The Old World by Old Names

I was doing a disservice to Europe with my last post. Here it is with old names. I don’t think I’ll be doing the rest of the world because it just gets more and more confusing. Sorry, non-caucasians. Link


The idea behind the ZIPScribble Map is simple: Connect all the ZIP or postal codes in a country in ascending order. Does that produce chaos or some kind of pattern? Use this interactive map to explore. Link