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The land of promise: Science of migration

It started much before the winds of globalization gathered momentum. Human migration is as old a phenomenon as the species itself. The migratory pattern can be witnessed and timed to a clock even in some of the larger species of Africa and Arctic. The ‘science of human hope’ and expectations of a better life are

Global Population Hits 7 Billion, A Fair S…

Imagine if the Earth’s land masses were reshaped to evenly distribute today’s population. The land belonging to each country would be increased or decreased based on that nation’s current population density. Link

Shipping Mix: Eastern Mediterranean

The highways and byways of the Mediterranean sea can be a selective set. Check out the variation in pink tanker (oil) traffic and green cargo (stuff) shipping traffic. It’s a tangled tapestry of commerce with highway cliques and specialized ports. Link

Australian Politics Forum – Cyclone Yasi

A CYCLONE described as a “monster, killer storm” is bearing down on Cairns, with communities far to the north, south and west of the northern Queensland tourist centre also braced for its fury. The latest modelling suggests Cyclone Yasi is on track to hit Cairns about 1am (AEST) on Thursday as a highly destructive category

Where Are the World’s Small Arms?

Weapons have been around since the first human hurled a rock at his neighbor. But with time and innovation, the weapons have gotten deadlier. Instead of throwing rocks, we now shoot guns, and with approximately eight million new guns produced each year, firearms are almost as readily available as stones on the ground. It doesn’t

Austria is Business at its Best

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA is the official Foreign Trade Promotion Organisation of the Austrian economy and the best address for companies and individuals interested in Austria as business partner. Offices around the world enable an easy and rapid access to all relevant information on Austria as business partner. Link