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Faking a Spinning Globe in HTML5

So cheesy but surprisingly convincing. Here’s some how-to guidance for making a fakaroo spinning globe in HTML5. As is the case with HTML, there are always five different ways to do the same thing. This graphic illustrates the concepts and the steps and provides links to some image assets if you want them. You may

How to Create a Clever Infographic

Infographics serve as important marketing tools. They combine text, graphics and data in a way that is both visually-appealing and informative. Content marketing with infographics is also one of the best ways to build quality links back to your site. However, creating infographics isn’t as easy as it may seem. Link

Hair Do’s and Don’ts

This Infographic shows the hairstyles that men and women in the Marine Corps are allowed to have and hairstyles that have recently been banned. It provides a visual to show what meets the Marine Corps regulations for hair styling in the Marine Corps.

Waking Twilight Dream

This infographic provides a step by step guide to how to have a lucid dream. it also explains why having lucid dreams are important.

How To Monetize Your Video

For the vast majority of independent producers, online video streaming has been reduced to a valuable marketing tool but not an income generator. Today, the trend is changing. Thanks to video streaming platforms such as DaCast, producers have now the possibility to create new revenues from their video content using monetization models: Advertising, Pay-Per-View and

Tipping Etiquette Around The World

One of the biggest riddles of global travel is where and how much to tip? Just as customs and cultures vary in each country, so do tipping habits and expectations. This infographic gives you the basics for each country. Link

How to Succeed in Online Dating

This infographic provides tips and pointers for how to succeed in online dating. It provides information like what’s the best profile picture to post and what are the best things to say. Link