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Online Holiday Sales Trends

The holiday season is a time for family, food, and lots and lots of shopping. Holiday shopping used to mean standing in long lines and fighting with other customers over the last remaining items on shelves but holiday shopping today has gotten a bit more convenient. This infographic looks at the trends of online holiday

Optimist or Pessimist?

People ofter refer to themselves as being an optimist, but being an optimist is about seeing half the truth. A realist considers both, what do you think? Link

The Anatomy of a McNugget

This is a humorous infographic that visually explores what a McDonalds chicken Mcnugget is really made of. It provides a description of the male Mcnugget, the female Mcnugget and the larva Mcnugget. Link

Watch Y*ur Mouth!

Walking the streets of New York City, there is no shortage of colorful language to hear. Taking it all in, I began to wonder about my own usage and started to monitor myself. I recorded my swear words over the next two weeks, recording the word I said, why i said it, what I said

The Creative Process

This infographic provides a visual to show the way the mind works during the creative process. The mind is analyzed like a street road and all the different directions it takes when it’s trying to express creativity. Link

The Lifespan of a Television Show

It doesn’t matter what genre of television show – they all end up following the same (pretty) predictable pattern. This hilarious infographic looks at the lifespan of a television show – from its booming first season to its steady decline to cancellation. Link