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What Men and Women Want to Improve in 2012

New Year’s resolution often result in disappointment. They seem quite attainable when you first conceive of them,but too often they fall by February. Mindbloom aims to help you keep track of your goals and keep you inspired throughout the year for a new Year’s resolution! How do men and women differ in their goals for

Self Care in the New Year: Keeping Our Resolutions

Every year millions of people make New Year’s resolutions in hopes of improving their lives. They want to do a variety of things, such as quit smoking, lose weight or get a better job, to strive to be in a happier place with themselves than when they started the year. These resolutions are reflective of

The Enchanted Mafia

A glimpse at what really goes on during Easter. Look past the colored eggs, the weird baskets, and the peeps. We’re waiting to hear back from Martin Scorsese on the film adaptation Link

Nachos 101

Who doesn’t love a heaping pile of hot nachos? This delicious Mexican snack has been lovingly embraced by Americans since the 1940s. Here are some little-known facts about this tasty dish. Link