Humor Archive

From Hipster to Hippie

San Francisco is rife with hipsters & hippies. Sometimes you can’t really tell the difference. This illustration shows why. Link

2012 Predictions

Everybody’s got one. A prediction about what the devil is going to happen during the winter solstice of 2012. That’s the end of the world, say some. Here we have a graphic, provided by, about various 2012 predictions and possible horrid scenarios. The most redeeming quality of this graphic in my opinion is that

The Melted Mind of a Film Buff

This infographic gives a inside look to what a film buffs mind is filmed with. From the next film festival, to IFC, to an infatuation with Woody Allen, the guy who knows every line to a movie and can do impressions of his favorite stars dead on… is always thinking about something film related. Link

What Not to Wear to Stores

Customer’s mistake other customers for retail employees all the time. Everyone has had a stranger ask them where something is at one point or another. Here’s a quick guide of what to expect if you accidentally wear a store’s uniform while shopping. Link

Dodgy insurance claims

An infographic showing some of the strangest insurance claims that have ever been reported. Including a women who’s diamond earring that was eaten by a duck and a farmer who had his vehicle kicked by a camel. Link