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A Periodic Table of Disasters

Richard Horne’s beautifully illustrated new book A Is for Armageddon: An Illustrated Catalogue of Disasters is the perfect last-minute gift for the end of days alarmist on your holiday list. Check out the table of contents above — a periodic table which illustrates some of the many threats to your life, from natural occurrences to

What is a Mom’s Work Worth?

What many moms can tell you is that being a mom is alot of hard work that does not pay in monetary value. What if mom were to get paid for all the work that she did? How valuable is mom and just what could she potentially earn? Link

For Every 100 Boys That Enter Scouts

The Boy Scouts prepares youth for life, but what information backs that up? This infographic shows how scouts help the youth and what a great percentage of scouts end up doing as a result of their scout training.

2011 in Style

Charles Tyrwhitt, has created a style timeline infographic to show the iconic looks of the last year and their influence on menswear. The timeline looks back at how events such as film releases, television shows and cultural happenings have influenced the way men in the UK dressed over the past 12 months. Important style landmarks

Hair Color

A recent poll asked college aged girls a few questions about their hair. These are the results.

Report reveals latest UK TV watching trends

People are filling their homes with more televisions than ever and on average are watching TV over an hour a day more than they think, a report from TV Licensing reveals today An ICM poll conducted for TV Licensing’s TeleScope report reveals adults in Britain think they watch an average of less than 20 hours

Be Memorable! Rock Your Presentation With Infographic

This week I stumbled upon – but not on – an online tool that creates a personal profile Infographic and allows you to save the output. Before I crack the code of my bio puzzle, I’m wondering if anyone has an Infographic? Has anyone tried this? Seen anyone? Anyone? Link

Time: Brain Maze

Time magazine’s health story suggests that early intervention makes all the difference in helping those who might develop abnormal brain function. If a psychotic event is allowed to occur, it is a much harder road back to stability. Since the brain (itself, the physical object) has all of those twists and folds, I thought I

Mapping out your summer vacation

Although Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer, Tuesday June 21st is the date of the actual summer solstice. And with a three month stretch of warm weather, families everywhere are doing what families traditionally do come June, July and August: Go on vacation. Link