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My Life in Infographics (Part One)

Here’s the first part of a personal introduction presentation I did for a job that I just started. I got the idea in the afternoon the day before, thought about it for a day, then drew up the charts over lunch the next day. After I made my presentation, a co-worker directed me to Nick

All About the Amish

Ahh, the Amish. The small, yet strong and defiant community of religious extremists who live in the Midwest. No electricity, no problem! Link

The World’s Most expensive Cars

This infographic breakds down the world’s most exotic cars by price and rarity and if you have ever dreamed of driving at speeds of up to 250 mph you must take a look. You can also see which celebrities have the most impressive car collections and who drives one of these expensive bad boys. Link

Battle of the sexes: Who spends more, men or women?

Men earn more than women on average, but does that mean they spend more? According to our data, which comes from the U.S. government, from anonymous and aggregated spending transactions from Citi, and third party data providers, men spend more than women on just about everything, including dining out, travel and electronics. But there are

Dealing with Negative Information

Positive issues also goes with negative issues. It’s normal and sometimes not avoidable. But what if you encounter such negative discovery, would you butt in just like that? Think twice. Read on and pick up a few insight.

Drug Abuse in America

Drug use and abuse has long been a controversial topic in the US. Who is using, what are they using, and what are the effects are often the focus of the drug campaign. This infographic looks at drug abuse in America and some of the facts might just surprise you.