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2012 – The Value of Mobile Payments

The growth of mobile commerce means that mobile payment is going mainstream. It can replace cash, cheque or credit cards transactions and can be used for a wide range of services and digital or physical goods. The numbers prove it. Smartphone penetration will trigger a 4800% rise in mobile commerce by 2015 (to $119bn), with

Conflict Diamonds Hitting Stores Near You

Zimbabwe was recently re-admitted into the Kimberley Process, despite evidence that diamond mining still funds corruption. Here are the facts and why purchasing from an ethical jeweler is so important. Link

Super Tuesday 2012: Republican presidential Candidate Index

HighBeam Research measured the media attention surrounding each GOP contender in the ten states of Super Tuesday to determine which candidate had been receiving the most buzz leading up to the primaries. In recent 2012 primaries, candidates’ media attention could often be linked directly to primary victories, but did the same hold true for the

Arming The United States

This infographic provides a variety of information concerning the United States military and weapon purchase. It provides information for how much the United States spends on arms and the army. It gives details on U.S weapon exportation and U.S military contractors worldwide.

The Balance of Power: Faulklands 2012

30 years after the war between Argentina and the UK, the Falklands are still a disputed territory. With more and more oil reserves being discovered in the area, speculation turns again and again as to whether or not we will face a resumption of the conflict. Here is the military balance of power as it

Champions League Radial Bracket

The New York Times official soccer blog, Goal, liked what we did with our World Cup Radial Bracket Poster last year so we made them a radial bracket of the 2010/11 UEFA Champions League. Soccer, known to the rest of the world as football, might not be massive in the U.S. yet, but the Champions

Healthcare Costs By State

]Healthcare costs in the United States are a huge deal – sending politicians into frenzies all the time. It’s a debate that will not be resolved anytime soon. Lobbyists are spending more than one million dollars a day trying to solve this problem and keep healthcare private. With so much money at risk, no wonder