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The Evolution of Valentine’s Day

Every year lovers exchange roses, chocolates, and romance on the holiday known as Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day has it’s roots in the ancient Roman fertility festival of Lupercalia and has grown to become a global holiday. Hallmark cashes in every year as people declare their love to their family, friends, and significant others. This infographic

Valentine’s Day Consumer Spending

For many people Valentine’s Day is a big deal; the gifts, candy, cards, flowers and even jewelry combine to make this holiday a big holiday for retailers. Valentine’s Day generates $14 billion in revenue with $2.2 of that being in jewelery but what exactly are consumers buying on the big day? Link


Divorce is a common occurrence today, but when did it first start and how is it characterized. This infographic provides information for the history of divorce, and what divorce means today. It also provides statistics for divorce. Link

At the Heart of Valentines Day

It is true that many of the traditions surrounding Valentine’s Day and similar holidays worldwide are directly linked to consumer industries scheming up ways to build business. And it’s clear from the US spending statistics that silly as some people may find it, Valentine’s Day is no laughing matter when it comes to the flower