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Look Who’s Coming to Dinner

Their has been a rise to interracial dating in the United States. This infographic provides stats for interracial dating in the United States and how its changed. Link

State of the Union

For better or for worse people around the world get married, but every country has a different way of doing the ceremony. This infographic takes a look at the different wedding traditions around the globe. Link

Spending Money on Your Honey: The Valentines day gift economy

Valentine’s Day is a day to cherish the most important people in your life and gently remind them of your undying affections. Let’s also be real and acknowledge that Valentine’s Day is a consumer holiday full of gifts, cards, and flowers as well. This infographic looks at the economy behind Valentine’s Day and some of

Likelihood of Breakups Per Day

April fools, we’re breaking up. No, really. What days of the year do most relationships end? What day of the week? Find out the pattern of breakups over the course of a year.

Valentine’s Day Spending

we break down the dollars behind Valentine’s Day romance: how much are people spending on flowers, candy, greeting cards and sparkly baubles? What should you buy for your Valentine this year? And what’s going on with Virginia Beach? Link

Sex Heros

What goes on inside the bedroom is often left between the sheets, but what are some of the interesting and downright astounding facts that have slipped out? The longest ejaculation, the most children fathered, and the most sexual partners in one day are just a few of the facts behind some of today’s sex heros.

Condoms are good

This infographic was created for a book on how graphic design has the power to change. It’s part of a series of books that examine effective design campaigns that bring awareness and change perceptions of important social issues, including sexuality.

What Happens When Tanu meets Manu?

When a man meets a woman and a woman meets a man very different mental, physical and chemical reactions. This infographic provides information about how men and women react when they meet each other. Link