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The Cost of Courtship

Wooing the one you love can get pricey but showing them how much they mean to you on Valentine’s Day can go through the roof. The day of love is big business and significant others around the world open their wallets and spend, spend, spend to show the one they love how much they care

The Skinny on the Female Libido

Sex or massage: which do you prefer? The skinny on these stats and more among our fellow geeky gals are beautifully represented in this infographic. Does a ratio of 6 nights of pampering to 1 night of sex work for you? The Skinny details some interesting facts on the female libido that (unfortunately?) reiterate what

Top Wedding Communities

Venturing online to help plan your journey down the aisle? From local vendors tokglobal forums, there are literally hundreds of wedding websites out there, each serving their own unique slice of the wedding planning pie. To help you untangle the Wild Web of weddings, this fun infographic illustrates a breakdown of the top online wedding

Dating Facts to Understand the Dating Scene

This graphic goes over the ins and outs of dating, from the “boy meets girl” stage into the date itself. The dating world is a mystery to almost anyone, even people who are seasoned daters. Anything that can demystify the process and lead to some more happily-ever-afters is good in my book. Link

Shortest Celebrity Marriages

Celebrities are known for getting married and divorced frequently. This infographic provides a list of the shortest celebrity marriages but the number of days the number was married and the names of the couples.

Faking It

Data showing the types of fake orgasms and how often both men and women fake orgasms. Link

7 Clean Love Facts

Did you know that falling in love can have the same effects on the body as deep fear? Or that close proximity is the single predictor of love? This infographic looks at 7 facts about the big l-word, l-o-v-e Link

Interesting Online Dating Facts

A nice walk in the park, dinner and a movie, or going out dancing; these are just a few fun ideas for a first date how does one go about meeting someone for a first date? More and more people are turning to online dating websites to meet their matches for an evening, awhile, or