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Profile of American Travelers Overseas

Couchsurfing is all about sharing. Experiences, culture, chats and games are in the mix and it’s not just a way of cheap travelling or free accommodation as some have mistakenly portraited it. Lower travelling expenses are just a collateral consequence but not the meaning of it. Couchsurfing is a new way of travelling and also

20 Originating Countries of US Tourists

For many people, travelling away on holiday is the highlight of the year and our leisure time spent away on holiday is when we are at our happiest. To help extend the holiday bliss and combat the post-holiday blues, we’ve produced this infographic detailing how travel affects our emotions and can contribute to a person’s

Tiny Colorful Buildings

We’ve been able to respond to the desires of our community in order to move beyond the traditional ‘vacation rental’ model to establish a site that gives you the ability to book online, any type of space imaginable; from rooms, apartments and houses, to cars, boats and planes, to spaces for things such as parking

Winter Travel

I collaborated with Airbnb’s data analyst to celebrate quantative milestones in their young history (1 million nights booked!) but also qualitative facts (you can stay in treehouses in 13 different places in the world!)

Happy Birthday Van Gogh Infographic

With the average woman spending the summer searching for the perfect sandalsand swimwear, it might be time to get a bit of online shopping in, to ensure you look great whichever destination you choose.So whether it is a bucket and spade on Blackpool’s famous beach, a sunset spent sipping ouzo in a Greek Taverna or an exotic

How Vacations Have Changed

Globetrotters of the world: we all know there’s nothing worse than arriving at the airport all flustered, so here’s our disaster-avoiding little ‘how-to’ guide to stress free travel. Link

Travel App Infographic

Travel Options From Atlanta To Jacksonville One of our basic infographics focused on travel times, available options, and costs to key destinations from Atlanta as the starting point. Link