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Roma in Latvia

Various statistics about Amsterdam, and it’s massive population of Bikes! This easyJet holidays infographic contains images some Bieber fans might find distressing.

How America Spends Travel & Leisure

This shows the way and the level of the rudeness that people have while traveling. Polls reveal an array of bad travel behavior that travelers need to avoid, highlighting poor hygiene, oversized carry-on luggage and arguing families as among the top travel peeves.

Cell Phone Data Usage

Some 200 tankers a year would cross the shallow and stormy waters of Hecate Strait, duck behind Banks Island, follow the narrow Principe Channel for 120 kilometres, turn east through Otter Channel, cross the track of many Alaska crusie ships at the south end of Granville Channel, and ascend Douglas Channel.

Simplified Interstate Map

For an entire year beginning in February 2010, travel bloggers Kyle and Briana of traveled to 19 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe, tracking their daily expenses to prove that it is not only possible to quit your day job and travel the world, but it can be affordable, too.

China to Australia

A recent survey of Campaya clients showed that expectations remained high for 2012 amongst vacation home owners in the property rental market. Link

The History of Spring Break

If you are visiting San Fransisco and have already crossed the culinary treat known as Rice-A-Roni off your to-do list then you should be free to experience all this foggy bay city has to offer. This infographic will give you a plethora of options if you are keen on seeing the attractions, dining in luxury,

Richard Branson And Google To Map Ocean Floor

This infographic presents fascinating information about British holiday habits and business travel. It reveals the top q0 most popular destinations for UK travellers and how many Britons are hospitalised abroad. Trips can be covered by Direct Travel Insurance for protection against cancellation, loss, theft and accident.