Kropped Infographic

This is my very first infographic i have attempted to graphically illustrate the progress of my site The colour scheme is based on the site’s and examines the clearest way to display the websites statistical data in a visual format. Link

Presentation Design

An all-encompassing look at the best job markets, the most in-demand job titles, and salary ranges for PPC professionals. Link

Why Occupy Canada?

A movement has taken off in the United States featuring protests across the nation against big banks and government bailouts. The Occupy Wall Street movement has included demonstrations, urban camping and peaceful protests all across the US with a total of 70 cities and

Mobile Ecommerce Market Share

Creating an e-commerce mobile market for your company is almost crucial to the success of your brand these days. More and more people are turning to their mobile device to check into location-based sites, search for products or communicate with others. This infographic looks

Is This Female Celebrity Pregnant?

If a female celebrity gains a little weight, eats a sandwich, or wears a dress that isn’t snug in the waist, it’ll take about ten minutes for a tabloid to run a headline speculating that she’s pregnant, preferably with a handy red arrow pointing

The Lifecycle of a Web Page on StumbleUpon

You may have heard the stat that StumbleUpon drives more traffic referrals than any other social media site. This infographic done with StumbleUpon sheds some light on the topic by describing the lifecycle of a web page in StumbleUpon, especially how long you could

Battle of the sexes: Who spends more, men or women?

Men earn more than women on average, but does that mean they spend more? According to our data, which comes from the U.S. government, from anonymous and aggregated spending transactions from Citi, and third party data providers, men spend more than women on just