Dealing with Negative Information

Positive issues also goes with negative issues. It’s normal and sometimes not avoidable. But what if you encounter such negative discovery, would you butt in just like that? Think twice. Read on and pick up a few insight.

New words of 2010

Oxford University Press has one of the largest language research programs in the world and continuously scours the internet, popular fiction, science journals, and even song lyrics for words creeping into the English language. At one time, 2-3 years of use was required before

Nextag Shopping Report – Top 10 Cameras

Many workers today do not work for organizations on a permanent basis. These independent workers, both solopreneurs and independent service firms, known collectively as the contingent workforce, are present in many different fields. But who are they? We examine this unique section of the

What Happens When A Credit Card is Swiped?

Most people hand over their credit card to a store clerk without giving it a second thought to the payment process that goes on once he swipes the card. This infographic offers insight into what goes on once you hand over that little piece

The Android Story

The entry of Android and its subsequent growth has completely altered the smartphone landscape in the last few years. In a short span of time, it became one of the leading smartphone OS, preferred by many mobile handset manufacturers and a choice of millions

Mobile Shopping

What is the “moment of truth?” According to this infographic the moment of truth is the moment when a consumers walks into a store and sees that the product is stocked. Now consumers are relying on their SmartPhones for information before they even go

Introducing Skype in the Classroom

Skype in the Classroom is a free community that allows teachers to connect across the world to help their students learn. Here are some quick stats on how teachers are connecting with each other, finding partner classes and sharing inspiration using Skype. Find out