Inverting the Disney Brand Mythology

My diagrammatic musings aim to be stimulating distractions and a celebration of traditional graphic and mathematical methods taken out of context, or into new paradigms. But not necessarily useful. Link    <a href=””>Teapot Warmers</a> <a href=””>Silver Amber Necklaces</a> <a href=””>Wholesale Glass Tea Sets</a> <a href=””>Mummy Sleeping Bags</a>

30 years of Super Mario

Link    <a href=””>Teapot Warmers</a> <a href=””>Silver Amber Necklaces</a> <a href=””>Wholesale Glass Tea Sets</a> <a href=””>Mummy Sleeping Bags</a>

Egypt: The Million Man March

The Egyptian protests that began in early 2011 dominated the mainstream news and captivated people around the world. This infographic illustrates the uprising and some of the motivations behind the movement to remove Hosni Mubarak from power. Luckily this situation was diffused without an

The Sci-Fi Movie Timeline

This infographic dislays how we would live if we lived in the movies. For example, did you know in 2022 we could be eating each other! That’s according to the movie ‘Soylent Green’ Link    <a href=””>Teapot Warmers</a> <a href=””>Silver Amber Necklaces</a> <a href=””>Wholesale Glass Tea Sets</a> <a href=””>Mummy Sleeping Bags</a>

The 10-Minute Guide To The U.S. Constitution

Turns out there may be a truly useful — if not urgent — purpose to having members of Congress take turns reading the U.S. Constitution. And party affiliation has nothing to do with it. According to the latest survey from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, elected

Death is the Biggest Driver of Popularity

One billion online searches were ranked by AccuraCast to determine biggest comebacks in music since 2004 is Michael Jackson, followed by Amy Winehouse. Link    <a href=””>Teapot Warmers</a> <a href=””>Silver Amber Necklaces</a> <a href=””>Wholesale Glass Tea Sets</a> <a href=””>Mummy Sleeping Bags</a>

Guantanamo Bay Legalities: How Does it Exist

Guantanamo Bay Detention Center has been under strict scrutiny about the harsh conditions that are being used there. Some of the conditions is sleep deprivation, water boarding, and shackling in stress positions. Link    <a href=””>Teapot Warmers</a> <a href=””>Silver Amber Necklaces</a> <a href=””>Wholesale Glass Tea Sets</a> <a href=””>Mummy Sleeping Bags</a>

19 Things You Didn’t Know About Star 

Since its release in 1977 Star Wars has managed to remain one of the most popular and influential sci-fi films of all times. This infographic examines 19 facts that you did not know about the popular series, such as every Star Wars movie having

The Weinergate Effect of Congressional Tweet Frequency

This infographic shows the number of congressional politicians who Tweet and breaks it down by Democrat and Republican tweeters. It also provides a timeline of event tha Link    <a href=””>Teapot Warmers</a> <a href=””>Silver Amber Necklaces</a> <a href=””>Wholesale Glass Tea Sets</a> <a href=””>Mummy Sleeping Bags</a>